10 Ways to Workout on a Busy Schedule

finding time to workout

Have you ever spotted someone jogging on your morning commute and thought, “How do people have time to do that?” If so, you’re not alone. The truth is, committed exercisers don’t find time to work out; they make time. If you’re wondering how you can squeeze more exercise in your weekly routine, here’s how:

Wake up early

We understand that the majority of the population would rather sleep in than hit the gym at 5:00 AM, but squeezing in your workout as soon as you wake up sets you up for success all day long. Exercise gives you more energy and sets a positive tone for the day. You may walk into work feeling on top of the world knowing that you ran 3 miles before most of your coworkers were even awake.

Active lunch break

Did you know that exercise is one of the best forms of stress relief? Instead of sitting at your desk and munching away at your leftovers, throw on some gym gear and get moving. Join a gym near your office or go for a walk in a nearby park for some fresh air. Exercising during your break will help clear your mind and get the creative juices flowing.

While you’re out and about

Not a morning person? Hit the gym as soon as you get out of work or finish your errands. Be sure to leave a gym bag in your car so you’re not tempted to run home in between. Heading home first will likely result in you getting distracted by chores and forgetting about your workout.

Start small

Do you only have 10 minutes to yourself before you have to worry about making dinner or picking your kids up from school? Instead of checking your email, slip on your sneakers and take a short walk. A 10 minute walk is pretty painless and you’ll still reap the benefits of exercising.

Get your kids involved

Whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, you can always involve them in your workout routine. While your mind may immediately wander to using your little one as a weight, we guarantee your toddler would get a kick out of a living room dance party. Is your child much older? Bond with your teenager by training for a 5k together.

Be creative

Who said exercise has to always take place at your gym? If it’s not in the schedule to visit the gym that day, take your pup for a walk instead of just letting him out in the back yard. Is your daughter away at soccer practice? See if you can sneak in a quick run while she’s busy getting her own workout.

Ditch technology

It’s easy to skip a workout in favor of binge watching your favorite show or perusing social media. Instead of settling on the couch for the evening, use that time for squeezing in a good workout. You may be tempted to watch your show on the treadmill, but we suggest listening to music or an audio book instead. Many people decrease their workout’s intensity while concentrating on a TV.

Plan ahead

How many times have you been motivated to work out only to get to the gym and have so-so workouts? Your brain doesn’t want to be plotting out how many burpees you’re going to do, and winging your workout might lead you to shorten your workout. The night before you hit the gym, write down what you want to do for your workout. Need ideas? Follow us on Pinterest. We’re constantly pinning great new workouts.

Sneak it in when no one is looking

Opportunity is everywhere, you just need to find it. Many daily activities you do involve some sort of waiting. Embrace these moments. Do a wall sit while you’re brushing your teeth or some squats while you’re waiting for the microwave to beep. Is your favorite show on commercial break? Drop and give me 20.

Put money on the line

Do you have a fitness activity tracker? Challenge your friend to see who can take the most steps by the end of the week and whoever loses treats the winner to coffee. Do you need motivation to even show up to the gym? Purchase a boot camp class or sessions with a personal trainer. Paying for these “extras” will motivate you to stick to your workout plan.


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