5 Reasons to Try TRX Training

trx training

You’re a seasoned pro at the gym. You know all the basic lingo and can tell the difference between a kettlebell and a dumbbell. But what catches you off guard each and every visit are those weird bands hanging from the ceiling. Are they for climbing? Practicing Cirque du Soleil tricks? No! They’re TRX bands. TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise and was invented by a few clever Navy Seals. Here are some great reasons to incorporate TRX training classes into your workout routine.

Works every muscle

The gym may be your “me time” but that doesn’t mean you want to spend all day there. Whether you’re the kind of person who assigns each day of the week a body part (leg days are the worst days!) or prefers a total body workout, TRX bands are for you. No matter which area you want to sculpt and tone, TRX bands will work. Some of our favorite workouts that feature TRX bands include squats (glutes), push ups (chest and arms), and planks (abs). Is your goal to tighten your midsection? You’re in luck!. These suspended bands challenge your core muscles in each and every move.

Customize each move to your fitness level

It’s all about the angles. You know how doing a push up against the wall is easier than doing one on the floor? Every TRX move is the same way. No matter your fitness level, every single move can be adjusted to work your muscles to their fullest potential. You don’t even have to adjust the straps, simply adjust your footing and you’re good to go. This is perfect for when your muscles are exhausted but you want to do one final set without sacrificing form. Because the bands are so customizable, beginners and advanced gym-goers alike can participate in the same class and get equally effective workouts.

One on one time with a personal trainer

While you can look up TRX moves on Pinterest, we recommend taking a TRX training class and getting the one-on-one help a trainer can offer. The best part about working with trainers in a small group setting is that they can help you adapt any exercise. Are planks too easy with the bands? While the rest of the class is holding their plank, your personal trainer can show you a fancy move like a pike.

Strength training (without the weights!)

Raise your hand if you want to get toned but are intimidated by the free weights. Maybe you know your way around a bench press but hate the callouses you get on your palms. TRX bands are proven to get you results because they use your own body weight. Forget about doing dozens of dumbbell curls without getting results. TRX bands help sculpt your entire body by leveraging your body weight instead of isolating your muscles like normal weight exercises do. When doing a normal tricep press, you’re only engaging your triceps. Doing a tricep press with a TRX band engages your core (which is trying to stablize you) as well as your triceps.

Take these moves wherever you go

Group exercise classes are great because they break up your fitness routine. The downside, however, is that you can’t bring most of your cool moves with you outside of the gym and into the real world. Do you love spinning? So much so that you’d invest hundreds of dollars for a bike at home? What about Zumba? Can you imagine yourself breaking out into your favorite dance on the mats? TRX is completely different. Once you have the know-how, you can show off at the gym or invest in your own. TRX bands are pretty affordable and easy to install at home. Not to mention they don’t take up much space (they were actually invented so Navy Seals could get a good workout even in the small, cramped interiors of a ship.)

Can’t wait to strengthen and lengthen your muscles with TRX bands? Learn more about Boost Fitness’s small group training programs to find a TRX class near you!

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