Go From "Umm" to "Om": 5 Surprising Benefits of Yoga

benefits of yoga

Have you been shying away from yoga class because you feel like it’s not a true workout? You’d be surprised by the amazing benefits of yoga, especially power yoga. Power yoga classes like Group Centergy are perfect for someone who wants a low-impact, but challenging workout. Here are 5 reasons why you should drop and give us zen.

Stress out less

Can you remember the last time you got a good night’s sleep? We’ll give you a few minutes to think about that. Regular practice is proven to help yogis sleep better because they’ve been trained how to relax. While laying on your mat the last few minutes of class may feel like a waste of time, it’s excellent practice to press pause on your brain running a mile a minute. Less anxiety doesn’t only help you get more shut eye, but also has been linked to less stomach problems. Many stomach problems such as ulcers and constipation are often developed in high stress situations. The calm you feel after class is complemented by twists and turns during class, which may release toxins and massage your digestive system.

Breathe easier

Today’s world is so fast-paced; we do everything at breakneck speed. Even breathing. Did you know the reason why you get winded so quickly while working out is because your breathing is very shallow? Take a deep breath, and fill your stomach with air. Now release. That’s a yoga breath. Practicing mindful breathing not only helps to calm you but delivers oxygen to the rest of your body, helping with essential body processes.

Grow stronger and longer

By holding poses longer, you’re building muscle, flexibility, and balance all at once. Talk about a triple threat. While calorie burn isn’t quite the same as running on the treadmill, power yoga increases your heart rate so you’re in a steady fat-burning zone for the hour. But don’t let this deter you from trying a class out. You’ll immediately walk out of class feeling longer and leaner. One huge benefit of yoga is that it improves your posture, making you automatically appear thinner. Do you do a lot of strength training? Your muscles will thank you for the deep stretch. Remember that flexibility stems from your core, so all of the extra gym time you log will benefit you both in and out of yoga class.

Ward off osteoporosis

The older we get, the more things we have to stress about – getting dinner on the table, paying bills, and our bodies not being as robust as they used to. Osteoporosis affects 54 million Americans and 1-in-2 women (1-in-4 men) age 50 or older will suffer bone loss. It’s time to start preparing before it’s too late. Strength training is key to improving bone density, but what if you don’t want to start lifting weights? A power yoga class is perfect to strengthen your muscles as well as your bones, but in a low-impact environment. As you flow through each pose sequence, you’ll be using your own body weight to sculpt sleek arms and craft stronger bones.

Stop your sweet tooth

Yoga is all about teaching you mindfulness. When you step onto the mat, you’ll slowly but surely strip away layer after layer of your rough day. By the time you roll up your mat and head out the door, you’ll feel more in-tune with your mind and body. Even if you came to class craving a cheeseburger, you’ll find yourself craving nutrient-rich food. Getting more in-tune with with your body and mind will help you realize little nuances about yourself you never noticed. For example, do you find yourself grazing in the office kitchen when you have a report due? What about treating yourself to a big bowl of ice cream after a rough day? Practicing yoga will press pause on your emotional eating, and pretty soon you’ll be swapping candy for kiwi.

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