8 Reasons to Get Fit in 2016

Reasons to get in shape in the new year

Oh, New Year’s Day. The day millions of Americans start their diets and head to the gym, only to give up on their goals within a week. Getting in shape is hard, but we’re here to help. When the going gets tough, and you find your motivation waning, consider these eight reasons to get fit in 2016 keep your motivation going strong all year long.

Be happier and healthier.

If laughter is the best medicine, exercise is a close second. Did you know that regular exercise can help reduce depression and anxiety? When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins that boost your mood and help relieve stress. Take advantage of these happy hormones and make 2016 the happiest (and healthiest) year of your life.

When you look good, you feel good.

You can skip your next spa appointment because when you keep at it, the gym will give you a makeover. There’s no need to get a facial because working out increases blood circulation, which will make your skin more vibrant and healthy. Having proper form during exercise will also improve your posture, which will make you look taller and leaner. Do you have a big vacation or class reunion coming up soon? It’s time to get back into the saddle so you actually look forward to these events.

Stave away the sniffles.

You can stay healthy all year round by hitting the gym a few times a week. Regular workouts help strengthen your immune system, which will mean less sick days for you this year. Just be sure not to push yourself too hard. Over doing it at the gym can wear down your body and make you more susceptible to getting sick.

Learn to set goals (and demolish them).

Creating healthy habits has a ricochet effect on other aspects of your life. By setting SMART fitness goals and accomplishing them a little at a time, you’ll set yourself up for success and achieve your goals. Why wait another year to see all the greatness you can achieve? Prove to yourself that you have the power to make your dreams come true in 2016.

You’ll have more energy if you stick with it.

Has the idea of going to the gym ever seemed an exhausting proposition? Surprisingly, exercising can actually give you a lot of energy. That’s because working out helps mitochondria (the power plant of your cells) produce ATP, a chemical that the body uses as energy. ATP not only gives you physical energy to keep your body moving, but also boosts your mental output, which allows you to concentrate on tasks better. Having more energy allows you to not only cross off some items on your bucket list, but also lets you experience more of the little things. How often have you canceled dinner plans on a friend after a long day at work? Make more memories this year.

You’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Research has found that getting 150 minutes of exercise a week improves your sleep quality by 65%. What does better quality sleep mean? Waking up less in the middle of the night and not being as sleepy when waking up in the morning. If your resolution is to drop a few pounds this year, occasionally skip the treat for the treadmill, and get a better night’s rest.

Escape your comfort zone.

Going to the gym can be intimidating, but life is all about trying new things. Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone at least once this year. We’re not talking about trying anything crazy, like jumping out of an airplane, but what about trying out a Centergy class? You might not be able to touch your toes today, but after a few classes you’ll be surprised of how much your mind and body have changed.

Inspire others.

How often do you comb the Internet reading other people’s success stories? Stick to a routine and that could be you next year! Even if you don’t have a blog or Instagram account to show off your #TransformationTuesday, you’ll still be living breathing proof to your family and friends. Embark on a journey to achieve your personal fitness goals and along the way you’ll prove to others (and yourself) that success is possible.

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