Become a Knockout with These Kickboxing Exercises

kickbox exercises you should try

Did you know that cardio kickboxing not only gets your heart racing, but may make other people’s hearts skip a beat or two when you walk by? While your wit and sense of humor already makes you a champ in the ring, introducing these kickboxing exercises will help you become a knockout.

Keep them on their toes.

It’s no secret that a kickboxing class is great exercise, but what makes it one of the best in the league? Well, for one thing, it’s the perfect combination of strength and cardio. You’ll find yourself burning major calories and learning some cool moves each and every class. So how exactly does throwing a few kicks and punches make you a sweat factory? Cardio kickboxing classes such as Group Fight are very fast-paced. As soon as you throw a punch, the instructor is already onto the second move. Don’t worry, beginners. The key to keeping up with the crowd is to make smaller movements. Instead of throwing a full punch, make it a jab. Another reason why you’ll be scorching hundreds of calories within an hour? You’re always on your toes, bouncing between different stances. It won’t be long before you’re keeping everyone else on theirs.

Crunch time.

Crunches? Perfect! After all of that hopping around, you’re dying to lay on the floor and bob your head, pretending you’re doing crunches but actually dreaming of pizza. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting horizontal in this class. Standing crunches are one of our favorite moves because they keep your heart rate up and they tone those hard-to-reach obliques. They may be disguised as knee jabs, but we promise you won’t be camouflaging your sleek abs anytime soon.

One-two punch.

Do you have a lower body injury that prevents you from high-impact workouts such as running? Maybe you just hate running. Hey, training for a 5k isn’t for everyone. But cardio kickboxing is. Throwing punches is a great way to get your heart rate up but is still low-impact. Different punching combos not only keep things interesting, but activate different muscles in your body. For example, cross body punches target your obliques and sinking into an uppercut will give you glutes to remember.

Kick out cellulite.

The secret to getting a round of drinks on the house? You could either cross your fingers for bad service, or you could make cardio kickboxing a solid part of your workout routine. No matter what, you’ll be walking out of that classroom with perfectly toned legs. Kick out cellulite with dozens of different kicks, our favorites include round house, side, crescent, and front kicks. Each type of kick tones a different muscle group in your legs and glutes. For example, side-kicks work your hard to target “saddle bags” and crescent kicks tone your inner thighs.

Duck and cover.

You’re not the only one throwing punches! Avoid your invisible partner’s counter strike by hopping low into a squat. Don’t let your arms drop to your sides. Keep them at the ready as your spring back into action and throw another blow. Group Fight classes are very fast-paced, so it’s easy to lose your balance while you’re practicing all of that fancy footwork. Keeping your arms up by your chest instead of your sides helps maintain your balance.

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