Why Boot Camp Workouts Are the Secret to Staying on Track

stay on track with boot camp workouts

No matter what they are, accomplishing your fitness goals is hard. Whether it’s to lose weight or sculpt a six-pack, sticking to a workout and diet plan is much more difficult than the workout itself. Are you struggling to make time for the gym every week? Here’s why boot camp workouts are the secret to staying on track:

Warning: Sticking to a workout schedule may be habit inducing.

Your schedule may be unpredictable, but for six weeks, you’ll know exactly when you’ll be squeezing in some gym time. Boot Camp programs at Boost Fitness are either very early in the morning or later in the evening so you have time to put dinner on the table for your family. While scientists can’t decide the exact amount of time it takes to form a habit, spending an hour at the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 AM isn’t a bad start and will start feeling normal. You’ll find yourself planning around these days. For example, you’ll pack everyone’s lunches the night before your boot camp workout to save time in the morning. Even after the program has ended, you may find yourself sticking to your new routine.

You’ll be held more accountable than a normal group fitness class.

Group fitness classes are great because you’re surrounded by the same friendly community week after week. And while Susan will be disappointed that you missed last weekend’s Zumba class, it’s not the same as skipping out on your morning circuit training session. First off, boot camp programs are part of small group training, a more affordable form of personal training. Group fitness classes may be part of your membership, but you have to pay out of pocket for boot camp workouts. Studies have shown that people are more likely to be committed to something if they paid for it.

Money isn’t the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning. How about the other people in your boot camp program? Usually the personal trainers design each circuit depending on how many people show up to class that day. You’re not only cheating yourself by hitting snooze, but someone may not have a partner for a medicine ball toss. Don’t let the team down – you’re all in this together.

Learn new moves and build confidence at the gym.

Boot camp workouts are perfect for every fitness level because they can be customized so easily. Don’t worry if you can only do push-ups on your knees, you won’t slow the whole class down. Someone of a more advanced fitness level may end up doing push-ups on their toes or do more repetitions. Personal trainers are a wealth of fitness knowledge and each class will be composed of different moves. You’ll be introduced to new equipment (TRX bands, kettle bells, ab rollers) and twists of classic moves (incline push-ups, jump squats, etc.) You’ll be amazed of what your body is capable of and how easily each move can be translated into your normal workout on the gym floor.

Every day you’ll get a little closer to your goals.

You chose a boot camp program because you wanted the workouts to kick your butt into shape. Don’t worry if you have a hard time during your first class. As long as you commit yourself to working hard each and every class, you’ll be amazed at your progress at the end of the six week mark. The first class is often a fitness test. This is not only to help the instructor set a baseline for how hard the class should be, but sets a goal for you to crush. Maybe the first class you could only hold a plank for 30 seconds. That’s okay. You’ll have a second chance on the final day of class, where your final fitness test will show how much you’ve improved. Boot camp workouts strengthen your entire body, meaning you should have no difficulty rising about the benchmarks you set earlier in the season.

A new round of boot camp programs is about to begin. Learn more about the small group training class options at a Boost Fitness near you.


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