Bye Bye Batwings: 5 Exercises for Flabby Arms

exercises for flabby arms

Every morning you battle against the clock as you try to shower, pack lunch boxes, and make it out the door in time. At work, you’re too busy to leave your desk, never mind take an afternoon walk like all those fitness magazines are recommending. And that errand you have to run? Better skip that so you can get dinner on the table. It’s not easy being an everyday superhero, but somehow you make it work…even if you sometimes sacrifice your health. Don’t skip your workouts just to make sure that all your ducks are in a row. Like any good superhero, it’s time to slip into some spandex and save the day one workout at a time.

Show off your moves

Does your summer wardrobe consist of light sweaters even though we’re in the midst of tank top season? If you’re embarrassed of your arms, rest assured that we’re here to help. Group Power is one of the most popular group fitness classes at Boost, and it’s no wonder why. The secret to saying bye-bye to your batwings is lifting weights, but many people don’t know how to get started. If you’re new to lifting weights or just want to be surrounded by powerful men and women, you have to give this class a try. Below are some of our favorite exercises for flabby arms.

Tricep dips

If the only dips you’re familiar with involve some chips, you have good taste. However, the dips you’ll spot in a Group Power class will whip your arms into shape before the summer is over. Did you know that your arms are one of the fastest areas to tone? If you want to see results fast, tricep dips are our go-to move. The beauty of them is that you can instantly see how much stronger you’re getting class after class. Some of our favorite modifications include:

  • Bent knees, close to the bench: The easiest modification, but you’ll still feel this in the morning.
  • Bent knees, farther away from the bench: The farther your feet are from the bench, the more weight you’re putting onto your triceps. Once you get your form down, give these a try.
  • Straight legs: Burn away your batwings and build muscle with the most challenging move of the bunch. No cheating – keep your back close to the bench!

Close-grip bench press

The secret to feeling invincible? Incorporating a barbell into your gym routine. Barbells used in Group Power are perfect for beginners because your bar can weigh as much as you want, not the default 45+ pounds. During the tricep track of the class, you’ll do dozens of close-grip presses, counting down the seconds until you can move onto the next exercise for your flabby arms. You’ll start by lying on your back and holding the bar above your chest, making sure your arms look like the number eleven. Lower the bar, keeping your elbows glued to your side, then slowly go back to start. These may be challenging but are nothing compared to…

Tricep push-ups

Batman didn’t get his svelte physique without doing a push-up or two. Don’t worry, this move won’t go to waste. Push-ups target your entire body: arms, abs, and chest. Start in a normal push-up position (you can start on your knees, no judgement here). Make sure that your hands are directly below your shoulders and your abs are drawn in tight. Slowly lower down, once again keeping your elbows glued to your side, otherwise you’re doing a normal push-up. Once you master them on your knees, challenge yourself to crack out a few on your toes.

Skull crushers

We promise these won’t turn you into a villain, but no promises about becoming a vixen. Hold your barbell above you like you’re going to do a close-grip bench press. But instead of lowering your hands to your side, you’re going to count to four as you lower the bar to your forehead. Pretend that your enemy zapped you with a freeze ray, and the only part you can move are your forearms. Only move your elbows as you bring the weight down and slowly raise it back to start.

Tricep extensions

You might want to sit down for this one. It’s been a long workout and you don’t want to slip up on your form when you’re so close to the finish line. Take a dumbbell or weighted plate and grip it with both hands. Raise it above your head then lower your elbows until they’re a 90 degree angle. To get the most of of this move, make sure your arms frame your face and don’t stray to the sides.

We know being a superhero isn’t easy, and that’s why we offer dozens of group fitness classes every week so you can swap tips with others who are also busy saving the world. Don’t slack off on your fitness goals. A group fitness class is exactly what you need to get going.

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