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Life is stressful. Whether you are part of the nine to five grind or are a full-time stay-at-home parent, life has a way of packing a powerful punch. Let’s face it– everybody is stressed out for one reason or another. However, it is important to learn how to manage that stress in a healthy way. Life is too short not to take time for yourself, so it’s important to stop and live in the moment. Here are some fun activities to relieve stress that you can try the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by your daily routine.

Fun Activities to Relieve Stress & Channel Inner Peace

Going for a Bike Ride

Pedal the pressure away the next time you are feeling tense. Biking is one of the most active ways you can enjoy a nice day. If you can make a habit of it, it’s also a great way to stay in shape. Not only is it good for your body, but biking can pose significant benefits to the environment. One of our favorite ways to do this is to cut down on using our cars for small, close to home tasks. If possible, try jumping on your bike instead of taking your car to the nearest grocery store. Or take your family on a weekend bike ride to a local farmers market! If you live in a rural area or aren’t a fan of the outdoors, try taking a spinning class instead.

Punch it Out

This may come as a surprise, but kickboxing is one of many fun activities to relieve stress day to day. This form of exercise gives you the opportunity to punch and jab away your negative energy, without hurting any innocent bystanders in the process. Kickboxing sharpens an individual’s stress management skills, including controlled breathing and sound decision making. Plus, it’s an effective way to improve your energy levels, physical strength, and flexibility over time. Ready to give kickboxing a try? Drop by your nearest Boost facility for an action-packed Group Fight class.

Play with Furry Friends

There’s nothing like coming home to a wagging tail and slobbery kisses after a long day! Dogs may have earned the title of man’s best friend, but multiple studies also indicate that interactions with pets can relieve stress levels. Spending just five minutes with a pet can lower your blood pressure and increase your output of dopamine and endorphins, (a.k.a. your body’s feel-good neurotransmitters). Pets are a lot of work– before deciding to bring home a furry friend, make sure you’re up to the responsibility of taking care of a new pet.

Adult Coloring Books

Contrary to popular belief, coloring is not just for kids. Of all the fun activities to relieve stress, coloring is a fun and creative task that is trendy and popular among adults. The act of coloring stimulates both the logical side of the brain, (which helps us to fill in shapes), and the creative side which enables us to mix and match color selections. Most importantly, coloring encourages you to focus on a task at hand rather than the fifty things you have bouncing around in your brain.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes!

When your body feels good, your mind will follow suit. Dancing is a great way to let your personality shine and to just let loose. Don’t know how to dance? Next time you are home alone, crank up your favorite song and bust a move! Dance is another one of our favorite activities to relieve stress and improve overall physical health. It can improve the condition of your heart, lungs, and muscles, as well as improve your coordination and flexibility. If you’re not comfortable trying dance on for size at home, why not try a Zumba class with your friends or family instead?

Group Fitness Classes

Most of the tips on this list involve physical activity. This is not a coincidence! Exercise helps to boost your body’s output of endorphins and actually improves your mood. Physical activity forces you to live in the moment, and helps people to forget the stresses of their day to day lives. Establishing a regular exercise routine can boost your self-esteem, improve your sleep habits and can also reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Joining a group fitness class will help you establish a routine and hold you accountable to prioritizing your health. So what are you waiting for? Take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle and inner peace right now by trying a Boost group fitness class for free!

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