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Why is a group fitness class better than working out alone?

In 1954, Roger Bannister did the impossible: he ran a mile in under four minutes.

Before this amazing feat, the consensus was that the human body simply couldn’t go that fast. Bannister knew better with the help of a pacer and a team of supporters, he made history. What’s more, there have been at least 16 others who have run a mile in under 4 minutes since then.

But none of them did it alone.

“I’m Not Trying to Break Records”

Most of us aren’t either! For most of us, getting into a good fitness routine that sticks would be record-breaking enough. But Roger Bannister’s story is not only full of reasons why you shouldn’t work out alone, it’s also a story about crushing defeat and rebounding after almost giving up.

That’s right. After a failed attempt to medal at the 1948 Olympic games, Bannister was ready to hang up his running shoes for good. What helped him turn the corner and not give up was a determination to prove to himself that he could do better and the support of a good team.

You can reach your fitness goals, and our teams will have your back every step of the way.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Work Out Alone

Boost Fitness offers group fitness classes for all levels, and in every activity from Zumba to Yoga to Mixed Martial Arts. We like variety, and our veteran members are always ready to welcome newbies to the crew. Why? Because group fitness works. Here’s how.

  • Accountability. If you’re not able to keep a date with the treadmill every day, you’re not alone. The treadmill doesn’t complain and won’t ask where you’ve been when you do come back. Your fitness group members will–and that accountability will keep you sticking to your new routines.
  • Enjoyment. Everything is better with a friend. From having others to cheer on your successes to having encouragement and a friendly face when you come up short, you’ll get more from a fitness class than you would on your own. Plus, hanging out with friendly people is always better than silently counting treadmill miles.
  • Sharing Best Practices. Your fitness instructors will make sure you’re completing exercises safely and in a way that’s right for your body. That way, you’ll stay away from injuries and learn your personal limits. You’ll also have members of the group there to share tips and tricks for getting the most from your workouts.
  • Introduction of New Ideas. Boredom is a driving factor when it comes to giving up on fitness routines. Variety and new ideas are the best reasons why you shouldn’t work out alone. From new techniques to boredom-busting variations from your group mates, your workouts will be anything but monotonous in a fitness class.
  • You Push Yourself Further. Roger Bannister pushed himself by using a pacer and a team of people who believed in him. He was also interested in beating competitors who were trying to creep on his attempt to break the record. Positive support and friendly competition will stoke your internal fires and provide motivation to push yourself a little further with every workout.

Start Reaching Your Goals

Armed with these reasons why you shouldn’t work out alone, it’s time to give group classes a try. We’ll provide the motivation and the fun, all you have to do is show up ready to work. We’re so sure you’ll love our group classes that the first one is on us. Stop by and get your free class pass to experience the difference!

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