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Doing your workout at home might seem like the ultimate time-saving solution, but it’s not always the best option to achieve your fitness goals. If you’ve had the urge to drop your gym membership and build a home gym, then, buyer, beware. There’s a lot that goes into building and maintaining an at-home workout routine, which we’ll cover here in detail.

Before You Workout at Home, Consider These Factors

From the type of workout you’re looking for, to the cost of setting up your own at-home-gym, there are a lot of things that can affect your overall workout experience. And let’s face it: while squeezing in some at-home beach body workouts seems easier than trekking to the gym, it’s not always that simple. Here are some things to keep in mind before you jump feet-first into working out at home.

1. Motivation

Maintaining a consistent workout routine requires effort and motivation. Maybe you want to fit into that cute polka-dot bathing suit this year or are committing to a healthier lifestyle for your family. Whatever your reason might be, even the best resolutions are met with adversity over time.

Ask yourself, “Am I disciplined enough to maintain an at-home workout routine?” If the answer is “Yes”, you officially embody the life goals of the fitness community. Go, you! But if the answer is “No,” that’s okay, too. You–like so many of us–might need that extra boost of confidence from a group exercise trainer in order to stay the course. Just keep spinning, just keep spinning, just keep… Corny movie references aside, you get the picture. You might want to hang onto that gym membership.

2. Space Constraints

Do you have the space you need to spread out, stretch, and really get your burn on? Or can you barely fit your yoga mat in between your television and your coffee table? While you may not need a ton of free space, getting a proper workout at home requires enough room to set up an area that’s free from distractions. You don’t really want to move your chaise lounge every time you do a kettlebell swing, do you?

3. All-In Cost

Cancelling your gym membership and choosing to workout at home may seem economical, but there are a lot of costs associated with building an at home gym. Here’s an example of what it costs to build a comprehensive at-home gym, versus purchasing a Boost Fitness membership:
Home Gym

4. Noise Level

If you like to turn up your favorite song before you workout, you’re not alone.

Last year, a survey by Runners World found that 75 percent of survey respondents considered jogging to music beneficial.

Famous athletes like Michael Phelps are known for listening to certain soundtracks before engaging in competition. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t get motivated when “Push It” or “Jump Around” plays over the loud speakers at the gym?

Whether you own your home or live in a second-floor apartment, it’s incredibly important to consider noise level before deciding to workout at home. If you’re a morning workout kind of person, will turning on the music in your living room disturb your significant other’s slumber? Will the sound of dropping weights or doing jumping jacks bother your new neighbors and their two small children? Use good judgment, and make sure that your workout doesn’t compromise your family’s or neighbors’ routines.

5. Workout Preferences

Lastly–and this ties back into motivation–what type of exercise do you enjoy doing the most? If you’re the type of person who likes variety, you might get bored of following the Jillian Michael’s DVD collection you bought on clearance at Marshall’s. Gyms offer variety. From the weights circuit to group exercise classes, there’s something for everyone. There’s no use committing to a regimen that isn’t going to make you feel good.

Once you consider these variables, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether a workout at home is better for you than taking a spin class at your local gym. Still on the fence about what to do? Why not give Boost a chance? Try Boost Fitness for free today, and get started on building the workout routine of your dreams.

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