Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Women on the Go

healthy breakfast ideas

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but most mornings you barely have time to brush your teeth and get to work on time. It’s especially hard when you work out in the mornings and go straight from the locker room to the office. Here are some healthy breakfast ideas that are perfect for adults on the go.

Want weight loss results that last? Studies show that 80% of people who make time for breakfast not only lost weight, but they also maintained their results for over a year.

At home breakfast ideas

While you may not be moving, you’re still in a hurry to head out the door. Check out these kid-friendly healthy breakfast ideas that are quick to whip up.

nut butter toast

Nut butter and banana toast

Pick out a nut butter that doesn’t have any added sugar or hydrogenated oils, and slather it on a piece or two of whole wheat bread. Slice up a banana, and you’re good to go. Feeling fancy? Sprinkle on chia seeds for an added punch of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Allergic to nuts? Try out this Sun Butter toast that’s topped with white chia seeds; they’re unnoticeable, in case any get stuck in your teeth and there’s not a mirror in sight.

avocado toast

Avocado and egg toast

Healthy fats and protein will help keep you full for hours. Mash up half an avocado with some salt, and pepper. Then, spread it on your favorite toast. Frying up an egg takes mere minutes and is exactly what your muscles need after your 5:30 spin class.

Not a fan of eggs? Check out these interesting ways to top your avocado toast.

healthy breakfast parfait

Homemade yogurt parfait

Whether you’re lactose-intolerant or can eat Greek yogurt by the gallon, a breakfast parfait is the perfect post-workout snack. Use a low-sugar yogurt; we recommend using plain yogurt that you can then sweeten with a drop of vanilla extract or honey. Afterwards, layer in fresh fruit and granola. Remember to keep a light hand on granola because the calories add up quick!

Be adventurous, and make your own granola for this healthy homemade granola parfait.

Breakfast on the go

Don’t have time for the table? These grab-and-go meals will keep you full until lunch time.

healthy smoothie


Get your daily dose of fruits – and veggies – in a breakfast smoothie. Help your muscles recover with some protein (e.g. yogurt, protein powder, or silken tofu). Add in your favorite produce to get fiber and vitamins. Do you hate the icy texture of smoothies? Try blending in a banana for a smooth and rich breakfast that tastes more like dessert.

Can’t decide which flavor you want? Here’s a smoothie for every occasion.

egg breakfast muffins

Egg breakfast muffins

Leave the oven on the next time you make dinner and make a batch of these egg breakfast muffins. All you need are eggs and whatever toppings your heart desires. One of our favorite hacks is using leftovers, which saves money and a trip to the grocery store. Don’t have time to make your own? Get a similar protein boost by ordering an egg white sandwich instead of your usual bagel at your local coffee joint.

Check out this egg-cellent portable breakfast inspiration.


Breakfast burrito

A little bit of meal prep on Sunday means a whole week’s worth of healthy breakfasts. Use whole wheat tortillas, eggs, and black beans for a filling and protein-packed meal. Warning: this freezer-friendly breakfast may replace frozen waffles both in your refrigerator (and in your heart).

Don’t stop at just one burrito. Check out this ultimate list of healthy breakfast burritos.

Breakfast at the office

Eating on the job may not be practical in many professions, and sometimes eating before punching the clock isn’t an option if, for example, you rush from the gym to the train station. On top of that, many modes of public transit frown upon you munching during your commute. Here are some of our favorite options that don’t make much of a mess and can be eaten on the DL.

Healthy muffins

We’re not talking about the one you’ve been eyeballing while you’re waiting to order your coffee. Creating your own batch takes only minutes (minus cooking time), and you can fill them with whatever your heart desires. Do you struggle to incorporate veggies in your diet? Try shredding zucchini or carrots for added moisture and nutrients. Need some protein after your Group Power class? Replace a fraction of the flour with some protein powder.

You’re just 30 minutes away from delicious Blueberry Greek Yogurt muffins.

healthy oatmeal

DIY instant oatmeal

Forget about buying overpriced, sugary packets of oatmeal. Whip up your own batch at home. All you need are some rolled oats and non-perishable toppings (e.g. cinnamon, nuts, dried fruit). Just stop by the office kitchen to grab a bowl, fill with hot water, and let your oats sit for a few minutes to “cook”.

Caramel cashew? Cranberry Pistachio? Apple ginger? Sign us up for these DIY oatmeal packets.

Granola or protein bar

Never skip breakfast again by keeping a backup plan in your bag or desk drawer. Look for a bar that is high in fiber and low in sugar content. Unfortunately, a lot of bars on the market are more like candy bars than nutrient-dense powerhouses. If you’re looking to get your protein fix, try a Quest bar. Need a little energy boost? Try Larabars, which are vegan and typically contain 5 ingredients or less.

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