The Most Popular Day of the Year to Fall off the Bandwagon

fall off the bandwagon

According to FourSquare, the first Thursday of February is the day most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions.

You don’t need to find the correlations between gym attendance and fast food sales to know that by now people are going back to their old ways. Some of our favorite findings include:

  • There’s a 36% increase in gym traffic during this season.
  • The 1st and 2nd Monday of January are tied for being the busiest gym day of the year.
  • February 2, 2017 is when most people will throw in the towel.
  • The 1st Friday in February typically has the highest sales in Q1 (January – March).

Regardless of what time of year you’re reading this blog, the moral of the story is the same. People give up on their goals within a month.

The most common reasons why people fall off the health and fitness bandwagon.

Did you fall off the bandwagon this year? You’re not alone. Below are some of the most common reasons why people lose sight of their goals, and tips on how to get back on the horse.

You’re not seeing results fast enough.

There are so many factors involved in weight loss and muscle growth, it’s impossible to pinpoint when you will see results. But we promise you will see results if you work hard and have patience. Just like how eating a salad won’t make you skinny, one workout isn’t going to make you drop a dress size. Eat well, stick to a workout schedule, and have faith.

Your fitness goal isn’t realistic.

Falling off the bandwagon is easy when you set yourself up for failure. Saying you want to lose weight this year isn’t enough. How much weight? By when? Creating an extremely broad goal doesn’t allow you to plan for success. Nor does setting an ambitious goal. Losing two pounds a week sounds easy, but you would need to cut out or burn off 7,000 extra calories a week for that to happen. That’s a lot! Check out our guide for making smart weight loss goals.

You’re bored of your routine.

Starting a healthy lifestyle is new and exciting. You load up your shopping cart with fresh produce and lean meats, not even bothering to wave hello to your favorite potato chips. In the morning you spring out of bed and hit the elliptical, determined that this year you get in shape. But after a while, you realize that eating salad every day for lunch is sad. And you’d rather sleep in on Saturdays than catch your cardio kickboxing class. We get it; eating clean and training mean is exhausting. Schedule an appointment with a personal trainer to mix up your workout routine and ways to clean up your act in the kitchen. Every Boost Fitness member gets one complimentary session.


Your friends and family aren’t being supportive.

Change is hard, especially when the people around you aren’t providing you with the support you need. Are your kids complaining about the whole wheat pasta you made for dinner? Is your spouse upset that you’re choosing your spin class over after-dinner TV time? Sit down, and have a conversation about why your goals are important. Your cheerleaders don’t have to be in your immediate social circle. Enroll in a boot camp program or take a group fitness class to meet people with similar goals.

Your diet is too restrictive.

There are hundreds and thousands of diets out there. Some work, some don’t, and some are extremely dangerous. You’re reading this blog right now, so we’re guessing that you browsed the internet for health and fitness tips. You’ve done your research and picked out a diet plan that would work for your lifestyle but… wait a minute? Your best friend from college lost weight by cutting out sugar. Yet, your plan calls for eating a lot of fruit! What is going on? Like we mentioned before, everyone’s body is different and may respond the same to a diet . Our recommendation? Follow these healthy eating facts that will always be true, no matter what diet you’re on.

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