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While shopping exclusively for workout clothes at Athleta or Lululemon would be glamorous, it would also be pretty impractical for the everyday gym-goer. With that being said, if you take your workouts seriously then you probably consider your gym outfits an investment in yourself.

Splurging on the right pair of goggles or running shoes is as important to your workout as it is to your self-confidence. But that doesn’t mean you need to break your budget over everyday workout essentials. We’ve found some of the most stylish gym outfits that won’t require you to break open your piggy bank.

Gym Outfits Designed with Your Budget in Mind

Looking great makes us feel great, and donning a fashionable outfit– even on bad days– can help perk us up when we’re feeling down. The exact same thing goes for your gym wear.

Research shows that donning trendy workout clothes can elevate your mood, improve your workout performance, and can even help prevent injuries.

People often associate athletic wear with a hefty price tag, but that doesn’t have to be the case. We considered three of our members’ favorite workouts–running, spinning and yoga–and came up with the following frugal and fashionable options.

Running Wear

Estimated Price Tag:   Around  $100

If you’re familiar with the saying “cotton kills,” chances are that you’ve learned the hard way which materials to avoid when you hit the pavement. With that being said, finding well-made running clothes on a budget can be challenging. Fear not, fellow road runners–and say hello to the North Face Better Than Naked Singlet.

gym singlet

This lightweight, breathable tank was designed with the runner in mind–and it’s less than $50! With reflective detailing and moisture-wicking technology, this singlet is great for hitting the treadmill or taking a jog around the neighborhood on a warm summer night. Plus, you can add matching split shorts to your order, bringing your total purchase price to $100.

Spinning Gear

Estimated  Price  Tag:   Around  $50


Once the instructor starts a spin class, there’s no excuse that can free you up from pedaling your heart out–not even when you have to hike up those cute printed shorts that weren’t cut out for spinning. Budget buyers, you’re in luck. Danskin’s Essentials 7 Inch Bike Short comes in at $30 a pair and are made for girl who wants no-fuss fashion that’s functional. Pair these shorts with Danskin’s Essentials Singlet Top, and your entire outfit will run you just over $50.

Activewear for Yoga & Pilates

Estimated  Price  Tag: As low as $19

There’s no greater feeling than walking into your favorite power yoga class donning an exquisite pair of printed leggings or a perfectly matching tank/legging combo. And yet, it can get really pricey to try and out-dress your Namaste neighbors every time you hit the mat.

yoga activewear

Enter Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Fabletics. Outfits start at $19 for new VIP members, and–if you love the product as much as we do–you can enroll in their subscription service for $50 a month. With prints that are fun and fabrics that move along with you, you can’t beat Hudson’s fabulous athletic wear. You’ll be the envy of your yoga studio in no time.

Make fashion part of your workout routine with these trendy gym outfits. While we recommend these options for specific workouts, that doesn’t mean they’re off limits for the treadmill or pumping some iron. Give these options a shot during your favorite workout. Your wardrobe–and your wallet–will thank you. Do you need a place to try out your stylish new workout gear? Try Boost Fitness for free today!

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