The Real Reason Why Work Out Plans Fail

why work out plans fail

Why do my work out plans always fail?

Seasons come and go and so do your work out plans. Somehow they never seem to stick, no matter how hard you’re determined to make things work. Why aren’t you achieving your goals? Maybe you’re afraid of leaving your comfort zone. Below are some examples of how discomfort is holding you back.

If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

1. You’re unable to say “no”.

Making time for yourself is nearly impossible when you’re juggling a career and household. By now, you’re so used to life throwing punches your way. You need to bake 2 dozen cupcakes for a school party tomorrow? No problem. You need to pick your best friend up at the airport? Of course. You’re such a team player that saying no to something is uncomfortable. You may be a master of rejiggering your schedule to make time for others, but somehow it’s impossible to make time for yourself.

What’s worse? The slight moment of awkwardness when you say no to doing someone a favor, or waking up feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? Commitment is the key to a successful work out plan. Tell your friends and family your goals, and we bet they’ll do anything to help. Packing lunches can be a family affair the night before so that you can sneak off to the gym the following morning. Are you planning a reunion with some old friends? Catch up over a long walk instead of drinks.

2. You can’t get past the discomfort.

If getting into shape were easy, two-thirds of Americans wouldn’t be overweight. We’re not going to lie – working out can be uncomfortable at times, but you can’t be afraid to push yourself. If you’re new to working out, start out slow, but challenge yourself each and every time. When you’re out of breath, try to run a little bit longer. Sore muscles? Don’t take a rest day unless you’re in actual pain. Doing a light workout when your muscles are sore actually helps them heal better. For example, spinning a day or two after leg day will make your lower body feel a lot less stiff.

Discomfort doesn’t just stop at the gym. Most people’s fitness plans also include some form of a diet. At first your body might rebel, begging you for more fuel. Being hungry is a terrible feeling, especially when you know there’s hours left until the next meal. Whether you’re exhausted when working out or craving a piece of chocolate, our best advice is this: mind over matter. Are you actually too tired to do 5 more minutes on the stair climber, or are you just in a rush to get home? Are you still hungry, or do you really just want something sweet after your meal?

Focus on your weight loss goals, and power through the discomfort.

3. You’re afraid to try new things.

Humans are creatures of habit, but that doesn’t mean that we’re immune from boredom from time to time. Joining a gym is great because you have hundreds of different workout options at your fingertips. From cardio equipment to free weights, you have everything you need to get a full body workout. But many people don’t take advantage of all the gym has to offer because they’re afraid to try new things.

We have a solution: personal training. Watching tutorials online could do the trick, but you can’t make an appointment with YouTube every Tuesday at 6:30. The instructor can’t see you and tell you that your kettlebell swing form is off. Personal training at Boost Fitness is affordable and has options for everyone. If you want to venture into new territories, we highly recommend our small group training classes such as Beyond Bootcamp.

The reason why we love group training is because it allows you to get comfortable but still challenge yourself. Each class you’ll be trying something new, whether that’s playing with medicine balls or TRX bands. You’ll be familiar with the class structure (e.g. 2 different circuits per class) and your classmates; it’s just the equipment that changes. Think about how excited you are when your favorite store gets new inventory. You get to shop around for a new workout you like and learn how to perform it with proper form. You’ll then be able to try it out on your own once your program has ended.


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