How to Prevent Common Gym Fails

gym mistakes

Common Gym Mistakes

If you’re new to the gym and feel unsure of how to use the equipment, not to worry. Even the most trim and toned gym members experienced feelings of uncertainty as beginners. This blog will help you avoid common gym blunders and help to build your confidence.

Learn the Machines

Too many new gym members dive in head-first. While some machines are self-explanatory, others require a bit of knowledge and practice. Instead of trying to learn each machine and technique on the fly, take advantage of Boost’s free personal training session to learn the proper technique on each machine. Lean on our trainers to learn the best practices for each piece of gym equipment.

Handle Cardio Carefully

The majority of people who join a gym would like to lose weight. However, it’s a mistake to devote all of your effort to steady-state cardio. Spending too much time on the elliptical or treadmill can actually sabotage your body’s ability to burn fat. Some actually suffer weight gains after excessive cardio ultimately led to overeating. Hit the treadmill and bike for cardio, but be sure to mix in weight work as well. Go half and half for a comprehensive one hour workout that boosts your heart rate while adding muscle.

Avoid Excessive Isolation Exercises

Some people perform an abundance of isolation exercises to work the legs, triceps, biceps etc. Those areas will improve in terms of strength and aesthetics yet too much isolation training can prove harmful. Center your workout routine on compound exercises like shoulder presses and bench presses combined with cardio.

Look Past Your Gut

Most gym members are striving for washboard abs, and in doing so head straight to the ab mat to begin each workout. This is a mistake. The muscles that make up your core can be enhanced with standing strength moves. Perform squats, lunges, shoulder presses and step-ups. To the surprise of many, these exercises really do work the core. Do them before sit ups, crunches, and other stomach exercises. This way, your core muscles won’t be too exhausted to endure the standing strength moves. Work your core last and you’ll likely avoid injuries and boost your stamina.

Mix it Up

Don’t perform the same exercise routine during each gym session. Incorporate some variety to keep things fresh. If you do the same lifts and cardio sessions over and over, your body will get used to the routine and eventually plateau. Not to mention, you’ll get bored yourself, and boredom can lead to complacency.  Do everything you can to liven up your workout and avoid a comfort zone.

Take Breaks

Even the most sculpted lifter will testify that sufficient rest is required in between workouts. It’s not necessary to exercise seven times a week. Take a day or two off in between gym sessions so that your body can recover. You’ll enjoy this time to rest your tired muscles and relax before your next workout. If you feel sore or tired after a couple days off, don’t hesitate to transition into a lower intensity level workout. Easing your way back into your workout routine just might prevent a nasty injury.

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