what to expect from free personal training session at boost fitness

One of the best perks about being a Boost Fitness member? A complimentary personal training session to help you define and achieve your goals. You may be thinking to yourself, “That’s nice, but I won’t ever take advantage of it.” Why not? The best things in life are free, after all.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to take advantage of personal training.

Be honest with yourself. How many times over the years have you bought a gym membership and never ended up using it? Sure, $10 a month is a bargain. It’s hard to buy lunch nowadays for less than that. But it adds up… especially when the closest thing to going to the gym is driving by on your way to the grocery store. Sometimes purchasing a gym membership isn’t enough. The only thing that is going to lose weight is your wallet.

When you think of personal training, what do you think of?

Contestants crying on a treadmill on The Biggest Loser? Those tear-out workouts from your favorite health and fashion magazines? It’s important to remember that everyone can benefit from a training session. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to learn your way around the gym, Boost’s trainers can help you. Also, don’t think that this is a lifelong commitment. Not everyone needs someone to hold their hand during workouts for months or even years. Just a session or two can set you on the path to greatness.

Like we said before, all Boost members can try a personal training session for free. Sign up for yours below. While you wait for one of our reps to set up a date, learn more about what your first session will look like.


Step 1: Get paired with a personal trainer.

If you have a cold, you wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon to get treated. So why would you work with a personal trainer who’s specialty is weight loss when your goal is to build muscle for a Tough Mudder? We’ll help pair you with a trainer who is best suited to help you meet your goals. You’ll have all of your diet and exercise questions answered, as well as create a personalized plan to achieve your goals.

Step 2: Take a test to evaluate current fitness level.

Are you getting flashbacks to your high school gym class? We know you’re excited to learn some cool new moves, but it’s better to start with the basics. Each trainer’s test may look a little bit different, but here’s some things they may ask you to do.

  • Hold a plank for as long as you can.
  • See how many sit ups you can do in a minute.
  • Count how many pushups you can do in a minute.
  • Try to do as many burpees in a minute as possible.
  • Run a mile.

This isn’t school, so why are you taking a test? First, it allows the trainer to assess your current fitness level. You might have once been an athlete, but your glory days are long behind you. Fun fact: your strength level decreases after just two weeks after not working out. Your trainer will now be able to give your body the workout it needs. Not to mention, you’ll get to see how far you’ve come if you stick to personal training long term.

Step 3: Enjoy a one-on-one workout with a trainer.

No matter if you’re new to working out or the gym is your second home, everyone can benefit from personal training. Working out with a professional educates you on proper form, something you won’t always get from a printable Pinterest workout. In fact, your trainer is like your personal cheerleader. When you feel like you can’t do a single more squat, your trainer will encourage you to do five more.

Change only happens outside of your comfort zone.

Many of our members love their free session because it helps them refresh their typical workout. We bet you’ll learn some cool new moves and fun twists on classics.

Step 4: Determine whether personal training will help you stick to your goals.

Unlike other gyms and fitness studios in Central Mass, Boost Fitness personal training is affordable. We offer single sessions for as low as $50 each to help keep you motivated on your fitness journey. Are you looking for a little bit more guidance? You can also purchase monthly packages for as little as $35 per session. Choose how often you train, from once to three times a week. Your trainer not only will guide you through your workouts, but also guide your nutrition needs if necessary.

If you’re looking for some gym motivation, a Boost Fitness trainer can help you. Whether it’s pushing you to explore your limits or hold you accountable for your appointment, they’ll help you achieve your goals faster. Learn more about our personal training programs.

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