Hey, Tewksbury! 5 Reasons Our Spin Classes Are Better Than Boston's

spin classes in tewksbury at boost fitness

B/Spoke. Flywheel. SoulCycle. These names make your heart sing yet your wallet cry. Designer spin studios like these make exercising fun and exciting, but they aren’t ideal in the long run. Here’s why we think our spin classes in Tewksbury are better than ones in Boston.

Reason #1: Spin studios in the big city are ridiculously expensive.

The average spin class in Boston starts at $15 a piece. In the reality of things, it’s not that much money. One class is about the same price as a week’s worth of your favorite lattes. No big deal. But what if you fall in love with spinning? It is one of the best cardio workouts, after all. Saving your money for spin classes instead of lattes might even help you conquer your goals even sooner! While you can’t put a dollar amount on a good workout, you can take the value of your classes into consideration. A month of unlimited group fitness and spin classes in Tewksbury costs as little as $19.99/month at Boost Fitness. For one latte more, you can get as many spin classes as you want instead of just one.

Reason #2: You don’t have to commute into Boston.

Living near Boston has its perks. Good restaurants, great shopping, and home to some of the most innovative companies on the East Coast. But that also means getting stuck in traffic for half of your adult life. What should be a 30-minute drive turns into an hour plus. Are you trying to catch a spin class after work or early morning on a Saturday? Good luck. Boost Fitness in Tewksbury is conveniently located on Main Street, far away from any congested highways. That way, your hour spin class is just an hour, not a whole day endeavor. Plus, we have plenty of free parking – none of that paid garage or meter (or even worse, meter and parking ticket when you overstay your welcome) nonsense.

Reason #3: You’re not just limited to taking spin classes.

Some of the most famous spin studios in Boston are a one-stop-shop. While spin is an excellent combo of strength and cardio, it shouldn’t be the only exercise you get. And while we applaud some instructors for multitasking, doing bicep curls while pedaling won’t help you carry any more groceries. A premium membership at Boost Fitness allows you to take as many group fitness classes as you want, including:

  • Spinning
  • Cardio kickboxing
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Weightlifting
  • Step aerobics

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Reason #4: Workout in a welcoming, no-judgment zone.

Spinning is so popular because it’s for every fitness level. Biking is gentle on your knees, perfect for those recovering from an injury or just getting into fitness for the first time. Sometimes these trendy Boston fitness clubs come across as exclusive. Or as Karen from Mean Girls would say, “You can’t sit with us.” Well, at Boost, you can spin with us. We welcome beginners with open arms, even hosting some freebie classes to help you get started.

Reason #5: Riding your bike in the club isn’t for everyone.

We’re not about dark rooms, flashing lights, blasting club tunes, or packing our riders in like sardines. We get it. Spin classes are trendy, and instructors will do anything to get riders in for a 5:45 AM session – including having them do sprints with only strobe lights lighting their way. The party atmosphere isn’t for everyone. We’re not saying we don’t have good tunes or fun with our rides. But you won’t feel like you took a wrong turn when the beat drops. Every three months, we have a brand new release of old and new favorites. Our students can look forward to new moves and new songs. Not to mention, each instructor mixes in old releases here and there, allowing each workout to be unique.

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