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Boost Fitness offers over thirty group exercise classes a week, so it’s easy to find one designed for your fitness goals and ability level. A popular, invigorating mind-body workout is the Group Centergy® class.

What is Group Centergy?

This sixty-minute workout incorporates yoga, Pilates, and athletic training to address balance, mobility, flexibility, and a strong core. Ten specific workout objectives, set to inspiring music, work your entire body and “center your energy.”  You will sweat, stretch, and challenge yourself with this original workout.

Here are a few of the ten workout objectives:

  • Focus–the workout starts with full-body warm up movements to get mentally and physically ready for the workout.
  • Challenge–these standing yoga poses test your full body while paying specific attention to the lower body.
  • Core–the front and back core areas are addressed in two separate objectives. Popular Pilates movements strengthen the abs and pelvis while exercises for the often-neglected back help with posture and muscle balance.
  • Spirals— these rotational movements improve mobility, flexibility, and stability of the spine.
  • Restore–the final stage will help you cool down, focus, and be ready for whatever challenges await the rest of your day!

Is Group Centergy for Me?

Though the workout is intense, it is great for just about anyone regardless of age, fitness level, or gender. If you feel intimidated by yoga or Pilates, this is a great primer workout where you learn the fundamentals of these routines. Exercises are modified for beginners. As you gain experience in Group Centergy exercises, the full body benefits quickly become apparent.

Athletes and gym buffs improve balance, flexibility, and core stability with this class. This helps keep the body in peak condition, preventing injuries and allowing faster recovery. The mind-body connection increases concentration and focus–necessary skills for success in any sport.

What Do I Need for Class?

All you need for a Group Centergy class is a towel, yoga mat, and an open mind. Wear comfortable clothes and don’t forget something for hydration. Set aside time before or after class to discuss any questions or concerns with your instructor.

Want to learn more about Group Centergy? Check out this fact sheet provided by Mossa or see what a class looks like.

Ready for a Group Centergy class? Boost Fitness will let you try one free! Take this opportunity to experience the benefits of Group Centergy without spending a penny. With Boost Fitness’s eight convenient locations, finding the right time and place to exercise is easy.

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