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The decision to join a gym is a step in the right direction for better physical fitness, health and general well-being. Some people find starting a workout routine in a new gym intimidating or degrading–especially if it’s been awhile since doing serious physical activity. They may have particular fitness goals in mind, but don’t know the best way to reach them.

Ask yourself the following questions before entering the gym:

Am I familiar with workout routines and gym equipment?

Do I know how to perform exercises safely to avoid injury?

Do I know the most effective exercises for the time I plan to spend at the gym?

Am I able to stay motivated even when my energy level is low?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you may want to consider Personal Training. Some gym members are reluctant to use personal trainers because of the extra expense. When you consider the benefits of using a trainer, however, the extra investment is worthwhile.

Benefits of Using a Personal Trainer

Get Faster Results

There are plenty of resources in magazines, books, and the internet regarding fitness routines and workouts. These workouts, however, don’t take into account your specific goals and fitness level. Personal trainers make training…well, personal.

Personal trainers will work with you to set challenging, but attainable fitness goals. They assess your health, physical ability, and available time to make the most effective workouts for your desired results. They do the planning so you have more time to workout.

If you have limited time at the gym, personal trainers ensure it is spent wisely. They point out the most efficient exercises and techniques for the best results. Their vast knowledge of exercises and physical fitness makes them an invaluable resource. We even offer 30-minute sessions for those with a time crunch!

Personal trainers monitor your workouts to ensure you use the equipment and perform the exercises correctly. They take into consideration any previous injuries or health concerns to make sure you have the safest workout.

Workout Programs Based on Science

All our trainers are certified through a nationally recognized program and many of them have or are working towards a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. Personal trainer’s complete courses on anatomy, exercise science, and physical fitness testing/assessment making them knowledgeable about the human body and the effects exercise has on it. In addition, they learn nutrition’s role in building a stronger, healthier body. Personal trainers also become experts on coaching and motivating their clients. By working with a Certified Personal Trainer, you are assured the best, safest workouts. Their expert advice will have you working smarter to reach your goals.

Get and Stay Motivated

There are some people that have no problem making it to the gym everyday…and then there are the rest of us. Work, family, social obligations, and just “not feeling it today” give less motivated gym members an excuse to take a day off.

Personal trainers know how to motivate and keep you excited about your fitness goals and progress. They help you set goals and hold yourself accountable for reaching them. By keeping workouts fresh, your gym visits won’t be boring. Staying excited will help your exercise routines become personal habits.

If you feel your progress hitting a plateau, personal trainers have the ability to push you to the next level. Their positive reinforcement and inspiration gives the social support so many of us need to stay focused on achieving our goals.

You may briefly hate your personal trainer for challenging you to do a few more reps, but the results will be worth it.

Personal trainers change lives. They help those at any fitness level make their gym time count. If you desire a fitter body, better personal habits, and an overall positive mindset, consider working with a personal trainer. Schedule a free Fit Start session today to see how training can help you.


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