Joining a gym is an important decision for improving your fitness and well-being. You want to take advantage of everything the gym has to offer. Group fitness classes are one of the many opportunities included with gym memberships at Boost Fitness. Joining a class can jump start your fitness while meeting like-minded people with a passion for improving their health. With over 30 classes a week in most locations, there is something for everyone.

Benefits of Participating in a Group Fitness Class

Increased Motivation

By having others around when you work out, you benefit from the group’s energy and encouragement to push through the exercises when you might otherwise give up. Trained experts know motivation techniques to help you feel empowered throughout the workout.


By committing to a group fitness class, you set a specific date and time to be at the gym burning calories and feeling good. As you build relationships with others in the class, you’ll help each other stay accountable. Sometimes a simple text from a friend might be all you need to attend class on those low energy days.

A Safe Exercising Environment

Whether you are new to fitness or adding variety to your routine, trained instructors observe your workout to make sure you exercise safely and correctly. During the workout, they suggest modifications appropriate to your fitness level.

Boost Fitness offers over thirty group exercise classes a week, so it’s easy to find one designed for your fitness goals and ability level. Download a Free class pass today and see for yourself!


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